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Habitat PDX: Portland Flea in the Summertime

Habitat PDX: Portland Flea in the Summertime

Portland in the summer time is buzzing with action and events. Due to the fact that the summer months are the only 3 months out of the year where rain isn't likely to grace the forcast, therefore the events calendars are chock full of all sorts of fun events!

Because of all the amazing things to do in the summertime in Portland, it can be hard to narrow down the options. And with the mountains, rivers, ocean beaches and waterfalls luring Portland residents out of the city; sometimes the activities in the city are a refreshingly relaxed. 


My kiddo and I decided to venture into SE Portland for some an amazing Portland institution, the Portland Flea on a hot day in July. 



If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and haven't been to the Portland Flea, I recommend you go. It's always a fun time! This particular day, it was very hot, so it wasn't as crowded as it can get sometimes. Which was just fine with me and my kiddo. 

We wandered around and came across some amazing finds! Like this beautiful cane lounge chair and ottoman. 



Or this beautiful woven wall hanging!



And almost everything in this photo, but particularly the beautiful room divider!



So many beautiful treasures! Yet, however much I wanted to bring all of these incredible finds home with me, my kiddo was hot and tired of shopping! (Trust me, he was complaining the entire time). 



So I wrapped up my "oohing and ahhing" at all the pretty stuff and we grabbed some Fifty Licks Ice Cream! I'm pretty sure that made the whole thing worth it for the kiddo. 



Stay tuned as we explore more of the city and share fun design tips!